My Sketch Book

I love sketching. It's the "magic" part of design and in my opinion, it's essential. Over the years I have started my day with sketches of apparel, bags, hats, footwear and more. This gets me in the creative mindset and helps me channel my energy in the right direction. Sketching can be done best in two ways, The first way is sketching with a pencil, pen and marker on paper. The second is using a tablet of some sort, My favorite is the Ipad Pro, I use a program called Procreate. For loose rough thoughts I like to use pen and paper. When I need the sketch to look as good as possible I do my renderings on the Ipad using Procreate. This page is where I'll be posting my current favorite sketches. 

Fitness Kit (red)
Red Training Shorts
Training Short Concepts
Urban Pack (orange Accent)
Vans (Red Hightop)
Red and Black Tote
Sock Concepts